4 December 2023

July 21

39 (Saku) (dr.➞manip.)

ex-KILLANETH (39), ex-VAASTU (Saku), ex-BELLCUBE

Blood group: AB
Birthplace: Yamagata prefecture
Like: Street style 


Sera / セラ (gt.)

ex-CHIC BOY, ex-Sikubo (gt.), ex-Azero (Aori, dr.)

Blood group: O

Naoto / 直人 (dr.)

D=OUT, Lill (sup.)
ex-xTRiPx (Ena), ex-ZUCK (sup.)

Blood group: O
Cigarettes: SevenStars lights
Hobbies: keeping things tidy and in order
Elder brother of Masato from Belle


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