9 December 2023

March 15

Arma / アルマ (gt.)

CLACK inc.
ex-EVE (Ryo)

Blood group: O


Daichi (gt.)

Daichi by frostviscera (solo)
ex-NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, ex-World in the Silence

Blood group: O


Gene / ジェネ (vo.)

Sick² / Kansen²
ex-DEVI+TEC, ex-DIS★Marionette, ex-Mario★nette, ex-SectMa, ex-SectMateria, ex-Dresscode, ex-Medue’obscur, ex-FINSTERNIS

Blood group: B
Birthplace: Setagaya
Like: Gareth Pugh
Cigarettes: Romeo y Julieta (cigar)


Junya / 純弥 (dr.)

ex-Asty, ex-Lydiar

Blood group: O
Height: 173cm
Like: Chrome Hearts, Vuitton, Marvel
Colour: yellow


Kouichi / こーいち (ba.)



Ria / りあ (vo.)

ex-HELLO., ex-LOUD GRAPE, ex-NeXuS

Blood group: B 


Soya / 宗弥 (gt.)

ex-Blu-BiLLioN, ex-Drop, ex-GIM, ex-ELKRAID.

Blood group: O 


Tama / 玖 (gt.)

Sai no hakoniwa ー31-8520‐

Blood group: B


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