22 June 2024

October 30

Aki (ba.)

EviLA (hiatus)

Blood group: A 

Bo-ya (gt.)

The Raid.Co´COON

Blood group: O
Birthplace: Kyoto prefecture
Like: Chrome hearts, piercings, tatoos, Pikachu
Cigarettes: Mebius premium menthol option 1

Kei / 荊 (gt.)

ex-XXX DOLL, ex-Virgin

Shian / シアン (gt.)

ex-MOTHER, ex-DEVIZE (Larm), ex-Lydiac (Reiki), ex-Shadow

Blood group: B
Goal: a bright world with music

You / 悠 (gt.)

ex-Aiolin, ex-Code name -Px, ex-An:Re (sup., Yuuto)

Like: Vivienne Westwood, Justin Davis, Milkboy, Guess, Red Bull, ramens
Hobbies: DTM, DIY, darts
Cigarettes: iQOS smooth regular


You / 燿 (ba.)

Matenrou Opera
ex-GRAVE SEED, ex-Sirius (sup), ex-S.D.I, ex-Endless Vanity

Blood group: A
Birthplace: Iwate prefecture

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