27 May 2024

GAM! (ガミ)

Formation: August 27th, 2019
Official debut: October 10th, 2019
Disbandment: December 31st, 2021 (details)

Label: Kalmian Joker

Lineup changes:

  • new guitarist Gaku (January 26th, 2020)

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Takuma / タクマ (vo.)

ex-Noisy Panic

Birthday: March 31st
Like: Kamen rider, going to the toilet after waiting,  drinking carbonated water after being very very tired

Sawma / ソウマ (gt.)


Birthday: May 6th
Like: American comics, movies, animals

Gaku / ガク (gt.)


Birthday: June 20th
Like: purple things, YouTube,

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