25 June 2024

Mikansei Alice (未完成アリス)

Formation: June 2017
Official debut: September 24th, 2017
Pause: June 27th, 2021
Comeback: September 21st, 2021
Disbandment: June 15th, 2022 (details)

Label: Starwave Records (2017-now)

Lineup changes:

  • bassist Shiori pauses his activities (March 12th, 2018) (details)
  • departure of the bassist Shiori (February 27th, 2019)
  • new bassist Chihane (September 19th, 2019) (details)

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Alicegawa Rui / 有栖川 塁 (vo.)

Mikansei Alice, Alicegawa Rui (solo)

ex-Misaruka (Rui), ex-project-Merrow-, ex-La neige

Birthday: March 4th
Blood group: A
Was called Lyubi when Mikansei Alice formed

Yuiha / 唯依葉 (gt.)

Mikansei Alice, SIRENE (sup.)

ex-Synk;yet, ex-Xrista, ex-OROCHI (Yukimura)

Birthday: May 16th


An / 晏 (gt.)

Mikansei Alice

ex-Synk;yet (sup.), ex-Ichiyon (sup.), ex-F1rst MiX’s (Lian), ex-Mippachi

Birthday: October 27th
Blood group: AB

Chihane / 千羽 (ba.)

Mikansei Alice

ex-LIKI PROJECT (sup.), ex-labaiser (Hinaki), ex-SeaR/Lene (Reiga)

Birthday: March 12th

Rigu / 和希 (dr.)

Mikansei Alice

ex-Misaruka (Vetchie) , ex-project-Merrow-, ex-La neige

Birthday: September 4th
Blood group: O 
Was called Kazuki when Mikansei Alice formed


  • Shiori / 栞 (ba.): ex-Mikansei Alice, ex-Synk;yet   
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