11 December 2023

July 19

Kamijo (vo.)

Versailles, KAMIJO (solo)
ex-Node of Scherzo, ex-LAREINE, ex-NEW SODMY, ex-LALIENE (Shoki), ex-Bijireiku

Blood group: O
Year of birth: 1975
Birthplace: Tokyo prefecture 
ex-roadie of MALICE MIZER


L (vo.)

ex-Balalaïka, ex-The 3rd Birthday, ex-Amber Bullet

Blood group: O 


Mira / 未羅 (vo.)

ex-UNDEUX, ex-Mummy, ex-Xian (Hyuga)

Blood group: O
Like: Justin Davis , Chanel, Kinglymask, Nike
He used to be LIRAIZO's roadie

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