25 June 2024


Formation: May 01st, 2012
Official debut: August 18th, 2012

Lineup changes:

  • departure of the bassist Shingo (March 30th, 2014)

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Jui / 樹威 (vo.)

ex-Vidoll, ex-KISAKI PROJECT, ex-Luinspear, ex-Raisonne, ex-羅紗, ex-De-vine

Birthday: June 30th
Blood group: O
Birthplace: Sendai

JUN (gt.)

ex-SPIV STATES (vo.&gt.), ex-TOSHI with T-EARTH, ex-Attic, ex-Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku, ex-Phantasmagoria, ex-Mar’derayla, ex-Se’lavy

Birthday: November 17th
Blood group: O
Birthplace: Kobe

Toya / 十夜 (gt.)

ex-TOSHI with T-EARTH, ex-Charlotte, ex-Deone

Birthday: August 11th
Blood group: O
Birthplace: Kanagawa prefecture


  • Shingo / 真悟 (ba.) 
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